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Its contract concords are either those of group los angeles otherwise nine

Its contract concords are either those of group los angeles otherwise nine

What exactly is a little intriguing, but not, would be the fact with regard to set-brands inside Shona this new huge difference on whether or not a place derived the label off specific person is morphosyntactically relevant

28 try of your own different varieties of correct noun, the issues hence occur, in addition to their you’ll be able to provider with regard to noun classification. That it try usually are experts in private labels, country and area brands, towns and you will semiurban agreements, residential dogs, canals, and you may mountains and you will mountains. It is hoped that sample, even when arbitrarily chosen, is actually, when it comes to the morphosyntactic habits, member an adequate amount of all the different kind of proper nouns you to definitely can be found throughout the Shona business. The last point is the achievement. step one.2 Theoretic assumptions It’s essentially acknowledged that right nouns undertake a posture about linguistic program out-of a words that’s unlike that of preferred nouns. Inside study a breakup is done between facets hence connect to the resource away from correct nouns and their condition just like the linguistic tools currently. In other words, a big difference is produced between the etymology of them best nouns and their synchronic condition (discover Raper ). It is conceded here that from a simply synchronic section out-of look at best nouns (or brands, because the onomasticians call them) have reference, since they signify identifiable agencies in the natural (or even imaginary) world, but they don’t have lexical meaning or experience (Louwrens 1994:4). For example, dombo shdvd a brownish stone and you can musana right back (out-of a human being or creature) since constructions are correspondingly an excellent noun terms in the category 5 and you will a common noun during the category randki dating4disabled 3. Title and that comes from the very first build try Dombdshava (cl nine) Domboshava area and from the second is actually Musand (cl los angeles) Musana (your own title), showing somewhat certainly your control over grammatical contract features shifted to that off noun classes 9 and you will los angeles correspondingly. Although not, with regard to Musana, an area-term will be produced by they, namely Musana (cl la/9) and therefore relates to Chief Musana s country. cit. p. 9) points out is that after nomination (to make use of Lyons name) has taken set, brand new morphology of your own erstwhile noun on what the fresh new geographic title is based gets obsolete for the the quantity the amazing moderate prefix loses the position as an effective prefixal morpheme. This means, of the means of nomination the initial category prefix was made inoperative in that, due to the fact some an actual noun, you can no further select they synchronically as a definite morpheme. (We are obligated to pay the expression nomination to Lyons () who used it to point a system by which an excellent 356

What can feel ended from the findings, given that Louwrens (op

30 name is assigned to an entity.) Thus, it’s seen you to definitely semantic possess from nomination commonly bypass specialized features with regard to the control over grammatical arrangement within the Bantu languages. It is obvious upcoming you to definitely, viewed synchronically, correct nouns are not able to are analysed morphologically. For example Musana, since the title out-of a place, continues to work as an effective noun away from class los angeles, not only in grammatical arrangement, and when you look at the inflections including the copulative therefore the possessive. Of course, as the already listed more than, they elizabeth including Domboshava, that isn’t produced from an individual identity, shifts the noun class because the an enthusiastic put-title and acts because good noun away from category 9 in most respects. step 1.step 3 Criteria getting noun classification task As mentioned above, so you can influence the new noun classification towards and this confirmed best noun belongs, particular criteria will be employed. Such criteria is actually split into about three systems, specifically this new inflection type, brand new locative type of in addition to concord sort of. Brand new inflection type of comes with the latest predicative (otherwise copulative) inflection, the new possessive inflection therefore the adverbial/conjoining inflection. The fresh locative particular is sold with this new locative prefixes (pa-, ku-, mu-) because a set. The fresh concord style of standard comprises every concordial affixes, age.g. demonstrative, decimal, in addition to that of the pronoun. The new inflection in addition to locative standards form exactly what will end up being known in order to while the core standards, since the concord criterion is considered to be brand new peripheral traditional. The former is actually thought to be center standards because their fool around with that have confirmed proper noun contributes to the choice of one form simply at which another it is possible to people in the fresh set are omitted. On the other hand, play with that have a good peripheral requirement can result in the option of you to definitely or another out-of solution kinds of a flat. A few of these areas of grammar that are exemplified more than are, for the purpose at your fingertips, handled abundantly by Fortune (1985). The hypotheses which i get better listed below are the following: this new key conditions as mentioned a lot more than will establish this new noun group to the hence confirmed best noun drops; in addition to features of your own peripheral standard was shorter by semantic dictate from hyponymy. Since mention of the these standards could be produced frequently throughout the text, they are portrayed lower than playing with nouns off categories la, 5, nine and you can 17a. 357